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Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
...Given what we know of Unova having the Relic Castle/ruins and the nearby house ruins in W2 as well, something along those lines would have been first built. I think that'd have been before more modern times too with gym leaders and whatnot. Those buildings suggest people lived in Unova for well over 200 years; usually towns don't disappear under sand overnight.
Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
They didn't disappear under sand, but the Mayans sure did one hell of a disappearing act.

Anyway, I doubt that gym leaders were a part of the first colinzation efforts.

Generally, you don't send a lot of people to a unknown place and tell them to explore and settle everywhere. You have them settle in a single place first, scout out the area, then slowly expand.
Oh by gym leaders I was thinking the "elite" at the time of Unova's creation. And by elite I kind of thought gym leaders. But yeah idk, where do you think they'd have settled, then? I wonder if it'd have been like Castelia, given that's one of the most advanced locations tbh. Plus a port, too!

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