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Reason for joining: Despite it being a group of Pokemon whom I've rarely been able to get my hands on, everytime I have they've always turned out to be good additions to the team, and pretty much always helpful. The only ones I've ever actually used have only been from generation 1 and 2 though, so any of the Pokemon from the later generations I can't say anything for.

Do you like trading as a method of evolution?

No, I don't at all. I always thought it was an annoying way of obtaining the stronger Pokemon, as it required you had people around you with the same generation of games, and some way of trading the Pokemon over. A solution have of course been brought to this in the later generations with the whole wi-fi and GTS thing, but I've never owned any of those games nor a DS myself, so I have yet to experience that. I was able to live with the whole thing during the first two generations, since at that point I kinda had an idea of which Pokemon that needed to go through a trade to evolve, and back then I also had friends following the franchise. But when we reached D/P/Pt it kinda fell through, and most of myr friends stopped playing the games, and with that I didn't get a DS. So yeah. I never really liked this method of evolving Pokemon.
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