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Yeah, the mayans predicting 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the 2011 earthquake of Japan is giving me a looooooooooot of "BULL****"-vibes.

Mostly since I've never seen any mention of that before. I'm going to assume some random internet weirdo made it up.

I mean, if we put aside that they never had any doomsday prophets. Let's just say they actually predicted some disasters.

Why would the give a damn about 9/11, a hurricane hitting the US and an yet another earthquake hitting Japan? That has nothing to do with them. And there have been so many more serious disasters than those. I'm not intending to belittle 9/11 here, but it wasn't THAT big if you compare it to other catastrophes. And would definitely not be to the Mayans.

Anyway, how can people believe the Mayans successfully predicted random catastrophes in the 21st century, but couldn't predict their own downfall and the coming of the Spanish, who caused absolute mayhem for all people involved?