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Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
Haha i'd expect so. And to my surprise not that many people partnered with what I thought would be the more common poison types like the Nidos, Drapion, Scolipede, etc. I'd take that as a good sign :). Also I beleive we have one garbodor in the club.
A Sonnet to Garbodor; now that is something I want to see lmao.

Originally Posted by arbok View Post
Well I'll get started then on my mini-essay (because I'm uncreative), sir.
As you say you're expecting a lot of Arbok I may do two with a second being Skuntank if that's OK?
Sure, I'll just count whichever is best as your final entry. :)

Incidentally I might need help judging when it comes to deciding between the last couple of entries, so if anyone wants to volunteer then that would be lovely!

So in spirit of the competition, let's revive an old topic and give it a new twist that will fit perfectly in helping to come up with entries!

What is your favourite Poison type Pokémon and what makes it unique?

I'll answer soon but I'm more interested to hear what you guys think at the moment as everyone already knows mine, I rant about it way too much paha.