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    If the main series ends, then it will be when:
    a) there is no profit
    b) there are no ideas (highly unlikely)
    c) GameFreak is sold to a different company (we know that won't happen)
    d) Ken Sugimori or Satoshi Tajiri leave GameFreak (that may or may not create the downfall of Pokemon, and is extremely unlikely.)

    Oh, and the Pokemon Rainbow idea is awesome:

    Originally Posted by dragonnathan025
    That, or they need to make like a Pokemon Rainbow, where all the generations are accessible (probably start with Unova so you can just talk to Skyla after beating Unova Elite 4, and she can take you to the other regions), and where you can catch all the legendaries and Pokemon where they were originally able to be caught. Just a thought.
    Anyway, B2W2 could not be the last ones because of Gen III remakes, and also the fact that N was in another region for 2 years sparks questions... Also, they could still put together a Gray version... which would cover possibly not only the 2 year gap but also the two storylines from BW/B2W2.

    I know the Gray idea is far-fetched, but it would be cool...
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