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@ Alex - yEs! That's why I love Chemistry as well. And awesome joke, haha.

I guess I have enough of a scientific mind to not really think it's "evil" to kill animals for the sake of science. Humans favor the wellbeing of our own species above others. As do every other species too! So if testing things on animals can help our own species grow healthier or more prosperous, then I can totally agree with doing it. As long as it is really done out of necessity and since there was no similarly good way to test the thing out. And as long as the animals aren't in more pain than they need to - preferably no pain at all. Because animals can feel pain, there's no doubt about it.

When I read philosophy, I heard that there was some way of classifying life and the worth of different species depending on how much pain they felt. Horses, dogs and other animals like that were high up while mice and insects and fish were low. I'm not sure how accurate that really is. Never was that kind of biologist.

Please, nobody hate me for speaking well about animal testing now :p I still don't like animals to be treated badly. I'm just explaining my view on things from an evolutionary perspective.

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