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    Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
    Generally I enjoy seeing older games being remade, especially when they don't alter it too heavily but still improve it. Examples of good remakes are NSMBW and HGSS, an example of a god-awful "remake" is Sonic the Hedgehog '06.
    Sonic 2006 and NSMBW are remakes? Not at all.
    Sonic 2006 is a reboot, and NSMBW is a sequel to a successful game that is supposed to home classic 2D Mario.

    HGSS are remakes in that they are GS in the same principle, just refined with better graphics, updated Pokemon stats, tweaks and added Pokemon/events.

    Anyway I like remakes, they are older games but better. If a classic did not age well for whatever reason it is best to give it an updated remake, such as Final Fantasy 4 on the DS. It's also a good way to introduce a newer audience to timeless classics such as the aforementioned game or Street Fighter 2. I'm also looking very forward to Persona 4 Golden on the Vita. (despite some of the added stuff being fanservice...)

    On another hand, they should remake F-Zero GX for the Wii-U. That games is already perfect on its own and it's hard to top perfection if they want an F-Zero game, so if they wish to follow the same formula a remake is the only option with better visuals and added online mode.

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