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Originally Posted by WarriorCat
A story:

I remember one time, about 7 years ago when I was 15, I was babysitting a 6 year old for a friend's mom. He was playing Ruby, I showed him my all three of my GSC games, and he had never heard of them, I let him play one, I traded all my Silver Pokemon to Gold, then let him start a new file on Silver. He got to Union Cave and found a green Onix, I told him to catch it because it was shiny. I let him keep the game to show to his friends, and I eventually bought a new copy.

My personal shiny collection(in GSC)

I have caught 6 shinies in GSC since they came out to now.
Here's a list:
Girafarig on Route 43 in 2001(Gold)
Sandshrew in Union Cave in 2002(Gold)
Elekid from Odd Egg in 2005(Crystal)
Zubat in Slowpoke Well in 2007(Crystal)
Ponyta in Mt. Silver outside in 2010(Silver)
Igglybuff from Odd Egg in 2011(Crystal)
I also found a shiny ponyta outside mt silver but that was in hg

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