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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Sure, I'll just count whichever is best as your final entry.

    Incidentally I might need help judging when it comes to deciding between the last couple of entries, so if anyone wants to volunteer then that would be lovely!

    So in spirit of the competition, let's revive an old topic and give it a new twist that will fit perfectly in helping to come up with entries!

    What is your favourite Poison type Pokémon and what makes it unique?

    I'll answer soon but I'm more interested to hear what you guys think at the moment as everyone already knows mine, I rant about it way too much paha.
    I would offer to help but as I'm taking part there might be some bias there.

    Favourite Poison type is Arbok (gasp!), I can't even fully explain what it is about the great snake that appeals to me that much but just look at it, a massive freaky Cobra! Apparently strong enough to crush steel barrels with its wrap! On the other side I've also always had a thing for reptiles, especially snakes and crocodiles so Arbok stood out (This was before Seviper and generation III). I also have always liked the bad guys more than the heroes in fiction, with a few exceptions. Team Rocket, both the organisation and the TRio in the anime have my undying love (Little overboard) they constantly use Arbok, Jessie's Arbok in the anime became one of my favourites right from when I started watching, it helped that it ruined Ash and Misty in that episode. Jessie's Arbok wasn't even 'evil' (I don't like calling TRio evil because they're not but for the sake of this I shall) but the snake was following orders due to loyalty and friendship, unlike the later Seviper who we saw was a always a jerk, and that interested me, I wish they'd have put this relationship in the spotlight more. I'm sure we all remember how painful Wrap used to be in 1st Gen and Ekans and Arbok were the masters, my slightly evil strategy was poisoning foes and just wrap them. I didn't do this on my friends much because they'd just get frustrated.
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