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Originally Posted by Aeon View Post
Sup? I go by Aeon (though I've gone by a disarray of aliases in the past.) I've actually been a lurker for a long time, mainly checking out the ROM hacking subforum. I used to battle mainly during the transition of fourth gen to fifth (meaning I only played competitive at one point for seven months), but lost interest and am somewhat interested in getting back into it. I like to consider myself a hardcore gamer, playing countless other games (my other top interests are mainly Animal Crossing, Halo, and Touhou. It changes a lot though.) I also like to do let's plays as a pseudohobby, though I've been too busy to get around to doing it.

Anyways, hope to have fun here. This place looks awesome.
Hi Aeon, and welcome to PC.

Such a surprise your name wasn't taken yet until now. But yeah, we have loads of boards you can browse and post in.

I sense you have a taste for ROM hacks, so maybe check out our Emulation board which has a subforum dedicated to that. We also have the Video Games board for all non-Pokemon related video gaming discussions, and it even has a subforum where you can share Let's Plays.

You can also join the PC Adoption Center where Cirno (our NU/W guardian) can help you find a mentor for a section of choice. Just remember, if you are seeking an Emulation mentor they can only show you around and suggest tools to use but they can't help with your hack.

Enjoy your stay and feel free to contact a moderator if you need help.

- Hikari10
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