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    Originally Posted by Pika Blitz View Post
    Hey, I just downloaded the Beta today, and it is looking great so far; however, I am not able to get out of the twist woodlands because of a glitch with Super Nerd Layton. My screen just turns black after he talks to me. Also, I noticed that I cannot look at my trainer card, and if I try to, my screen turns black and the VBA (I have the mac version) makes a terrible shredding noise. I know that it is not a problem with my emulator as I have been able to play all other games without problem. If someone could help me that would be great.
    I nor anyone else has had a problem with the super nerd in twist woodlands. I just tested him and the battle worked fine. Did you patch it to the correct fire red rom? The trainer card I'm aware of and will be fixed in the final version. As for Layton, I don't know what's up with that. Keep trying to get it to work and if it still doesn't, PM me and I'll assist more.