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    Maxwell Leggingsteele
    Pokémon Center

    Well, it seemed like Maxwell's thought-out escape plan wasn't going to work. Genevieve began to confess what had happened with tears flowing out of her eyes and running down her cheeks. The teen did a 360 and stated something along the lines of "something important, right here", while easing the grip of his girlfriends hand. Meanwhile, Hugin decided that he was tired of this scene and chose to do something else. Which in this case was to jumo down from Maxwell's shoulder and venture outside of the Pokémon Center. Back to Maxwell again who tried to slate over his half-a**ed attempt to get out of there before things became a bit emotional for his girlfriend. However, that mission had already seemed to have failed pretty badly. If only there could be a distraction...

    He guessed that Arceus, Ho-oh, Lugia or whomever had heard his request, for right then and there a familiar figure stepped out. It was the man of honor, the dude with the Lucario. And to be honest, he didn't look so good. Apparently, he wanted to find his clothes which seemed to have gotten left behind. The guy stated that they were the stuff worn by an Aura Guardian - whatever that was - and that he needed to get them back. Maxwell observed him for a second, the poor guy had bandages all over his torso and he had to support himself with a cane. He had probably taken some serious damage to his bones, or even organs. What Maxwell did next was the least he could do.

    The brown-haired teen took out the PokéBall containing Wilson and let the Swinub out of the capsule. The brown little pig materialized before the group and at first did nothing but stare emptily at the wall.

    "Wilson?" Maxwell asked, "Hello, are you in there?" The Swinub gave no response. A few minutes passed before the Ground/Ice-type did anything besides staring at a wall, he yawned. The brown furball opened his mouth widely and let out a huge yawn before settling down. He then looked around the room, seemingly confused regarding where he was and who the people standing around him were.

    "Swi?"(Pancakes?) He uttered drowzily. It was always like this after he had eaten a bigger meal and had gotten too little time to digest it.

    "Wilson." Maxwell said. The Swinub looked up at him, "We," Maxwell pointed at himself and the half-awake swine, "Are going to help that guy over there." He did another sort of pointing-motion toward the bandaged guy. "Okay?" The Swinub nodded distantly. Maxwell turned to Aaron,

    "I'm sorry, he's a little out of it sometimes... Anyway, Swinub are known for their very good sense of smell, and mine's not an exception. If you have something that has the same smell as the clothes you're missing, I'm pretty sure that Wilson here can find 'em for you."
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