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    Tristen S, Raikou Dorm
    [Academy Grounds]

    Tristen managed to slip through the crowds of people surrounding the dormitory buildings and get inside to her room. Her pale hands fumbled with the keys as she unlocked the door and welcomed the warmth radiating out through the entryway. She shuddered walking in and left the door open to allow Skarmory and Gabriel to come in at their leisure.

    Walking straight to her bag that she had never unpacked since she arrived at the PTA, she pulled out a striped hoodie and black skinny jeans. She quickly slipped out of her current outfit to try on the new one, and immediately she began to feel much warmer.

    She sighed as she flopped herself onto her bed. Skarmory was walking around on the floor, eyeing the fixtures in the room, since he had never been in the room before. Gabriel, who had seen it with Tristen the first time, simply sniffed at the bed before flopping down beside her.

    Twisting her long white hair into a braid to keep it from tangling from the wind outside, she sat back up and patted her thin torso. “Okay, then. Let’s go grab some food, you guys.”

    Sneaking out of her room again, Tristen began heading towards the cafeteria, which was (thankfully) decently empty. She commanded her pokemon to stay outside and wait for her while she went intside. Her glowing red eyes skimmed the room before walking over to the food area and picked out a variety of food and packed them into her bag. These included some granola bars, fruit, and some juice boxes. She grabbed a slice of bread and placed into her mouth to hold while she also grabbed some pokemon food.

    Within five minutes, she was out of the cafeteria and back outside, rejoining with her pokemon. “Skarmory,” she spoke while throwing a piece of pokefood to the steel bird, “go ahead and fly somewhere until I call you. All of these people plus you and Gabriel following me around is making me claustrophobic.”

    Obediently, he chomped on the food and flew off, just close enough for Tristen to keep an eye on him.

    “Gabe, you’re lucky that you’re small, so you can stay with me.” The small frog croaked a reply and hopped onto her shoulder, where Tristen also gave him a piece of food to munch on.

    Tristen began to chew on her food and make her way through the crowds of people. Her thin figure allowed her to slip quietly through. She was almost out of the dense mass of students when she suddenly bumped into a small blonde girl who had seemingly popped out of nowhere. She small collision caused Tristen to lose a piece of her bread, which fell uselessly to the dusty ground.

    Her red eyes looked up address the girl in front of her. Still chewing on some of the bread, she sighed and spoke, “Hey--Ugh. Nevermind. I would say to watch where you’re going, but that would make me a hypocrite.” She bent down to pick up the bread and threw it quickly into the trashcan right next to her. Swallowing the last of her mouthful, she brushed off her hands. “I hope I didn’t spit any bread onto you.” The croagunk on her shoulder simply watched the girl in front of them closely.

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