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My first crush was in fifth grade. My family had just moved to another city in the middle of my fifth grade year so obviously I had to move to a new school which was far away from where we lived after the move. There I met a girl named Kimberly on the bus and quickly developed a crush on her though I didn't even realize it until I got teased for it. Every time it was mentioned I would deny it and things went on like this for a month or two until she questioned me about it which was when I reluctantly told her the truth.

You know what her response was? "I don't think I can trust you anymore." I was crushed literally. She ended our friendship and wouldn't even allow me to sit by her on the bus which was an annoyance because on the bus ride home I always had to switch buses in the middle of the ride home because I lived far away from the elementary school. Needless to say the two of us just so happened to ride the same two buses home. Eventually she moved in December and I never saw hide nor hair of her again. Little sad but better that way because what good would a girlfriend who could end a friendship like that be in a relationship?

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