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    Aron Ultmos

    Aron continued to walk along. The forest was quiet, although the silence was broken by the sound of a pokemon cry every now and then. Aquos was on edge, having already readied two Water Pulses in each hand and ready to throw them in a moments notice. He was quiet. He couldn't risk talking and having his voice heard. It was okay for Golduck to talk since many of the trainers could very well conclude the Golduck was a wild pokemon. He tried to keep his steps light, but his shoes kept on cracking branches underneath them. He sighed and glanced over at Aqous and pointed over to the side. Without another word the Golduck went toward the tree while Aron hid behind another tree.

    At first it was silent then the sound he had heard got louder and louder. Another trainer passed by where he hid, and from what Aron could see the trainer didn't have a pokmeon out. Well, that's what it looked like to him. The other trainer could very well have a pokemon following from a distance or flying up above. Aron just stayed quiet and as soon as he left he warily stood up and headed toward the tree Aquos was at. He nodded and the two began to follow the trainer. If this was any time to take out his competitors, this was it. As long as he stayed quiet and nothing else happened he could easily ambush the others one by one.
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