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    I liked this one girl I met in 3rd grade. My school had a magnet program that started in 3rd grade, so I had throughout the rest of my time there. You know, did the usual elementary stuff, calling her stupid and making fun of her so it didn't look like I had feelings for her. That was literally it. I never tried to talk to her unless I had to or she talked to me, even when I was at the top in 5th. I did sit next to her though, and that I liked.
    Anyways, graduation on 5th grade I told my two best friends and they were like "Ok."
    And then that same day I told my cousin and she told my crush about it. She was just like "Cool, he's cute."

    AND THAT WAS IT EVER. I moved after that to a different district. My friends from elementary said they have no idea where she went. None of us have seen or ehard from her since our 5th grade graduation. We're all pretty close anyways since we practically went through elementary with eachother, so if anyone heard anything we'd all know.

    I just like to imagine she left because she couldn't confess her love for me.
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