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    ^Wow, with lavender town in the background too? Wow. That's brave of you.

    Also, welcome Urugamosu-ASDFGHJKL ANOTHER KCALB FAN YAAAAAAAAY!!! *cough* Excuse me. XD

    Anyway, thanks, Seeker. :D I really didn't start out to write a 5th gen pasta, as there are creepy NPC's in all the gens, but yeah. I like 5th gen stuff, because it hasn't existed for as long so all the good ideas aren't already taken.

    Also, you know what really annoys me? LAME REVENGE-PASTA.
    I mean, the story has been done so many times. Kid has a favorite Pokemon in the game, but he accidentally deletes it/loses his game/forgets about it and one day, he gets a new game and finds his old pokemon on that game, at which point Lavender Town Theme plays, the Pokemon addresses the kid by his real name, kills his character, and leaves a mark (I.e. a handprint, blood, note, etc.) in the real world. I see so many of them it's not even funny.

    And on a completely unrelated topic, I find it ironic that BW2 has a location known as "Reversal Mountain". And it's a continuation of BW....well let's just say I'm on the lookout for anything...strangely colored in there. AHAHAHAHAHAHA