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    Dante reflexively rose to his feet, glaring daggers at the Eevee. Idiot, that was what you got for being an utter klutz. You had almost hit his trainer kid. Almost was the lucky word of the day otherwise there would have been a relaxed club to the brat's head. He looked over at his human who at the abrupt arrival of people he hadn't expected to be around, had almost reflexively burst into frightened tears. Dante shook his head. What a kid.

    Thankfully Ciel had recognized him and prepared to calm himself properly. Otherwise he would have made the poor lad float and he did not want a repeat of the boat incident. "O-Oh... H-Hi Bri..." He smiled nervously. "Um... Dante... relax..." The Cubone nodded coolly and stepped back, looking unconcerned all over again.


    He turned off his phone and sighed. Well this was horribly awkward. He had to go find his family for Thanksgiving. And since his brother was about as good with directions as a broken compass, that meant start walking.

    Rama heard his human huff and laughed. So much for that Pokemon capture. Maybe Cam would be willing to offer his help.

    If Skye didn't end up having to save him.

    ??? (Shameless minor character insert GO!)

    The fight between the Manectric and Arcanine was being casually observed from the shadows by a young man, one with a quiet, amused smile on his face. "You never change huh sweetheart?" he murmured happily. "Letting her run around like this... just like she wants. That's my Asha..." He sighed and spun a Pokeball. "I ought to stop this. Today is a day of family."

    He tapped a Pokeball open and released a certain familiar comrade. "Fetch," he whispered and with a joyful bark the hound bolted into the fray, yowling delightedly and jumping in between the clashing beasts as best he could barking and laughing. Silly master. There was nothing here to fetch!
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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