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So then, introducing my first 5th gen shiny and my only owned shiny at the moment:


Gurdurr Lvl54 M
Lax (+Def -Sp.Def)
IV's 6/7/27/20/28/11 (Used serebii IV calc, anyone know which one is best these days?)

It's been a long day at work, I just got home and decided I'd give training my mons up on Victory Road a quick blast before I go to sleep and this dude popped up! Almost killed it as I was only half paying attention but thought it didn't look right so I looked on serebii to confirm.

Lax nature means I can't really do anything with it terms of competitive battling but hey a shiny is a shiny! and just like that I'm back in the game!

If anyone would be willing to trade so I can evolve it that would be great.

Happy Hunting guys!

EDIT: Just encountered another shiny Gurdurr on Victory Road. WTF?!? Accidentally killed it though. Has the rate in which shiny pokemon are encountered increased in this generation?
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