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    A few rules before we get started. Optionally read the authors note in the spoilers.

    1: I do not endorse the belief of "ghosts" "phantoms" or other supernatural beings, I am Christian, so the only ghosts and demons I believe in exist only in the bible.
    2: My grammar is admittedly far from perfect, and it probably never will be perfect. So please, unless your eyes are bleeding from how "bad" it is, don't point out the simpler mistakes. If you want to point them out, do so in pm. Simple mistakes I can edit with proper examples.
    3: As the title of this thread says, It's teen rated for reference to some violence and possible creepypasta. If you're easily frightened by 'supernatural' spooks, you may want to quit while you're ahead, otherwise read on, enjoy and see how many chapters you can last ^=+=^ ( <--cat face)
    4: Lastly I'm pretty dang tired of letting 'scary' stories scare me, so I'm going to conquer my fears head on. Does this mean I'll go into horror films with a cocky grin on my face? Hell no, it just means I won't be letting any more creepy pastas creep me out any longer than losing a night of sleep like everyone else. (Thank-you Jaudisible...really...just...thanks...a lot ._. )


    Chapter One: Pallet Town, Route 1, and Part 1 of Viridian Forest.
    Video Link 1:

    Dear reader, I am about to tell you a very long and strange story that may unnerve you, so don't read this at night and certainly don't watch the videos at night. First of all, I am not a supernatural believer, and even I'm creeped out by the events that have happened to me lately.

    This story begins four weeks ago, when my friend and I decided we'd get into the popular thing of rom hacking. Pokemon roms to be precise, it was all fun and games until we started seeing news reports about missing college interns and an escaped convict who apparently impersonated a biology professor to get close to his younger victims. Disregarding these facts entirely, let’s continue on with the story.

    Me and my friend had just gotten into hacking fire red and leaf green, ya know, because it was so easy and supported by all the tools. But my friend, one of those "I swear ghosts are possible" kind of people sent me a message on one of our pokemon hacking forums.

    "It's haunted, it's haunted, its ****ing haunted!"

    That was the message of the title, the sole content of the pm was a download link from mediafire. And nothing else; I won't bore you with too many of the details because you can simply watch what happened in-game in the video link at the start of this story. I assumed the rom was a fire red project that my friend and I were working on together. When I looked at all the hex code in the game however, nothing was changed. Now I don't know much about so called “haunted” games, but I would think if some spooks were in my data at least SOME of the data would be changed around, you know, so they can mess with game functions and whatnot? Well, interestingly enough, I could not get past the title screen without the game crashing, now why the game crashed I have no idea, but the title screen looked slightly different than usual.

    With all but hope lost I pmmed my friend asking them what the deal was, when they responded they mentioned something about one of his schoolmates, a young girl going missing recently. Not the info I was asking for, but keep that in mind for later, I asked him in response to that message how to get past the title screen, and he said the only way he could was to use an old save state file from our oldest project file. So I decided to open up my old “test” save game file from the virtual boy advance. The funny thing was, everything was normal, except a few things I was intrigued about. The only change I remember making to that game file and the rom was making that little patch of trees in Viridian city useful (I’m sure you know the ones, the patch that seemed out of place and rushed…) for catching eevee evolutions and a few others. As I played through the file the content got more and more curious, I kept going back and forth between the recent news reports and the content in the video you’ve probably finished watching by now. And to be honest…I’m getting a little weirded out by it…it was too similar to the situation on the news to be mere coincidence so I asked my friend more about their classmate that had gone missing.

    They told me that their friend was a literal poke-maniac, and that she had been interning for one of the biology teachers at our school, take into consideration that the altered game rom was constantly mentioning ‘interns’ and that professor Oak was the closest thing to a “biology” scientist in the pokemon games, I can assume why my friend thought this game was haunted. Not only that, it seemed that Professor Oak was being interrogated as a possible murder suspect, but haunted by what…well, that didn't hit me until much later…

    *to be continued at a later time*
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