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Originally Posted by FrankOcean View Post
Hey there, what's up?

I'm new here obv, but anyways, hello. I don't know what else to say other than that I hardly play Pokemon anymore and don't pay much attention to it, so yeaaah.I like forums doe.
I also like Odd Future, but you probably won't know what that is aaaaaaaanyways. And I play Xbox a lot, mainly Call of Duty.

So yeah, sup.
Hi FrankOcean, welcome to PC.

Even though you may not be Poke-interested anymore, you just might have a taste for our off-topic boards. We have loads of them - General Entertainment, Video Games, Japanese Entertainment, Tabletop Games, Technology & Internet, Other Clubs, Other Chat & Discussions, Other Trivia and Other Voting Polls. Our Fan Fiction & Writing, Roleplay Corner and Art & Design boards also have some non-Pokemon based work you can browse, so we definitely have even the non-Pokemon fans covered.

PC is very active, with loads of members you can talk to. And who knows, maybe they might motivate you to return to Pokemon in the future. Also, you can talk to our friendly staff members (like our NU/W mod Cirno) if you ever need help.

- Hikari10
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