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((Hey, do you think undead-ness counts as "major status ailment"? ))

Name: Millie Hayda
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Appearance: Millie had dark brown hair that she wore short for practical purposes. It framed her face and curled inwards at the tips, which reached halfway down her neck. Her eyes were an earthy brown colour and her nose was straight and narrow, often giving strangers the impression that she was very strict. Her face was round and when she smiled it was always bright or almost downright jolly.

While she was by no means overweight, she was just on the wrong side of chubby. Her rather short stature did nothing to help. Despite this, she was physically much stronger than she looked and surprisingly fast on her feet for short periods of time. Her endurance, however, left something to be desired.

Her favourite outfit consisted of black jeans, a mauve top with short sleeves, and a deep violet coat. She’d taken to wearing sneakers and carrying a dark backpack of supplies with her recently. These supplies mainly included food, water, kitchen lighters, a first aid kit, and some Potions and Revives. Her weapon of choice was a shovel. She also had a few kitchen knives that she refused to use against any of the infected, not least because she actually used them to handle food.

Personality: Millie’s most obvious trait was her practicality. She rarely held grudges and tried not to let her personal concerns affect her decisions. Her policy when dealing with unfortunate events was to do her best to adapt and move on. She could be very brusque if she felt that the person she was dealing with was being rash or hot-headed. People who were prone to temperamental bursts of anger were often held low in her esteem.

This did not mean she was entirely dispassionate, only that she strove to think pragmatically once she could contain her emotions. Before the outbreak, she enjoyed life and she liked doing what she could to make other people happier. After the outbreak she merely attempted to think as positively as she could and tried to survive. If she came across somebody, she would still help them as far as she was able to.

Something that she’d never told anyone else was that she had a fairly low sense of self-worth. Millie felt that her talents were few and far-between, and would despise being in a leadership position. Generally, she avoided being in a position of responsibility because she saw herself as being ill-equipped and not up to the task.

History: Millie was often teased for various reasons, growing up. Her friends weren’t particularly close to her, and she didn’t do particularly well at school. Her parents tried to make up for it by taking her with them to travel to various towns and seeing the region.

When they asked her whether she wanted to travel on her own as a trainer one day, she declined. At eight years old she already knew what she wanted to be. She wanted to be a five-star chef. At ten, her parents bought her a Growlithe to give her some companionship and because they thought a Fire type might help her with her cooking. She later befriended a Misdreavous on her travels around Kanto.

Millie went to culinary school and had just graduated, due to start her first job at a restaurant in Saffron in a month. She was on her way to Lavender Town to visit the grave of her mother’s Sandslash when the virus really began to run rampant. When she realised what was going on, she tried to return to Saffron to find her parents, but had to retreat to Lavender Town once more when she was faced with the sheer number of infected Pokemon and people.


Gender: Female
Moves: Shadow Ball, Pain Split, Perish Song, Confuse Ray, Psybeam, Hex

Opening Post:

Millie collapsed once she reached Lavender Town again, shovel falling out of her hands. Her heart pounded furiously in her chest and her hands shook heavily. She didn’t know what had happened; it had only been over a week since she’d been in Saffron, where rumours of mysterious deaths and rabid Pokemon were being reported more and more frequently. She hadn’t really given it much thought at the time, and she regretted it deeply.

There were so many of them now, their skin torn, ravenous for flesh. She’d hardly managed to enter Saffron before a horde of them descended and she’d felt them reaching out to grab her.

If Growlithe hadn’t been there, she shuddered to think of what would have happened to her.

Growlithe whined beside her, and she reached out absent-mindedly to pat him. She was alive, but that was pretty much down to luck. If she’d still been in Saffron she would be dead meat. Or undead meat, she thought a little hysterically.

Misdsreavus began to make sad little noises as Growlithe’s whines grew louder, and Millie looked down. Her blood ran cold.

He was licking at a bite wound on his leg before turning and fixing her with an imploring look, eyes wide with fear.

“No,” she whispered, eyes fixed on the sharp indentations. “No, no, no.”

They all knew what this meant. They’d heard the news, travelling like wildfire even in a town like Lavender. A bit meant infection. Infection, inevitably, meant death.

Growlithe yelped a little, and Millie knew what he was trying to say. Do it now, before you have to.

“No! I can’t! Please,” she said, crying a little because he was her oldest and dearest friend and it just wasn’t right. This was all her fault.

Growlithe waited patiently, little whines bubbling out of his throat. He knew she would do what had to be done, eventually.

“I’m so sorry, Growlithe,” she said, sobbing a little. She picked up the shovel again. “I’m so sorry.”

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