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Originally Posted by Totodilesteel99 View Post
I'll tell you.
I was battling Lance, and his Dragonite had this much health: -
I had 3 Pokémon left.
I was gonna win, because that Dragonite, was his last Pokémon.
Dragonite used Outrage! Gatr Fainted!
OK, that's OK.
Arcanine Go!
Arcanine used Fire Blast!
Arcanine's attack missed!
Dragonite hit Arcanine with Outrage!
It was a Critical Hit!
Arcanine was knocked out!
Ampharos go!
Dragonite hit Ampharos with Outrage!
Ampharos was knoc *weee goes ds*
Worst moment ever.
Why'd you use inaccurate Fire Blast to finish it off? You could have used anything else... Unless that was your only attack move for some reason.
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