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You're lucky I have pictures.

Between my favorites, poison and water, I'm going with poison. I'll probably be the 5th Gym Leader in the game, but that doesn't really matter. I now present to you my team.

Level 43, Poison and Dark type
Moves Acid Spray, Venoshock, Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb

Drapion Level 42, Poison and Dark type
Moves Poison Fang, Venoshock, Cross Poison, Crunch

Seviper Level 41, Poison type
Moves Poison Tail, Venoshock, Poison Fang, Poison Jab

Weezing Level 41, Poison type
Moves Sludge Bomb, Venoshock, Fire Blast, Incinerate

Whoever wins a battle against me will get a TM09, which is Venoshock.

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