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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

But they will join without any EVs, they will not be very useful IMO :D
But I'm curious about the bonding script, so I'll be sure to do it =D

Why don't you give 8th badge as the first one as I once suggested?
You won't need to care about it anymore. Or as a 5th one so it won't affect the ones who don't want to play from the start.
Or there can be NPC that will replace the badges for them xD
Yeah, I thought of that a few days ago. And I think I'll give the 8th Badge or another badge higher than the 4th one.

Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
I got the same problem when I played with it but still I managed to train it around lv 50 when the hack ended. DrG promised she will fix that problem in beta 2.

Another thing DrG, I remember I saw Tornadus blocking an entrance to a mountain area when i talked with it it just disappear. is this related with some sort of event?
There was supposed to be a blockade there so you will meet him up on purpose and I will put a blockade there in the next release.

Yes and No. It makes Tornadus first appearance but id really nothing important... :D