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I like this Pokestar thing. It was annoying to get through a few movies, knowing that the opponent might just be higher in level, like Mecha Tyranitar 2...yeah, that was hard to go through. There was Brycen-Man Strikes Back Harder, which made me shoot for lots of times, knowing that I have to defeat 6 Pokemon using one and there's only 6 turns to do so. I kinda like the whole storyline once it got into the theaters...Love and Battles' final movie was a good one...but it was strange. I'm already dead? xD Yeah, the end result was awesome...they're always awesome, at least a few do end well. But well...sometimes there are some anomalies, like Brycen-Man's movie...when he obtained the Brycen come the Jet's talking? That was flat-out strange. And one other thing...if Brycen-Man's who I'd attack anyway, how come he was changed by a prop? I guess it's because he'd have to strike back, and he can't do so. That's one. The same goes with Timegate Traveler's Black Belt with the same reason.
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