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    Kitty Kirin

    Delighted to meet you

    A young cydnaquil looked about, her flames flicking with fright, though the girl holding her seemed unbothered. She smiled happily and held the cyndaquil over the ledge, leaning over it herself.

    "Look Cynder! There it is! That place we're going to!" she said happily.

    "QUIL!" ye cyndaquil screamed in fright, struggling to get back to the safety of the boat. The girl laughed and hugged the young pokemon close, ruffling her fur. She set the cyndaquil down.

    "Young lady, please back away from the railing." one of the crewmen said with an exasperated sigh. The girl blinked curiously at him, cocking her head to the side.

    "Why?" she asked, again. As if she hadn't paid any attention the first five times he had told her today. The man sighed and crossed his arms, but she seemed unfazed. As if she didn't really care. She looked up and saw a pokemon flying gracefully overhead and smiled.

    "OH~ Look Cynder! A Starly! I'm going to catch it! Go, pokeball!" she cried, hurling a pokeball at the bird... And coming no where near hitting it. The ball bounced harmlessly off the deck of the ship, and the girl caught it in her hands.

    "Quil?" Cynder said weakly, seeing the determined look in her eyes. Oh no...

    "You won't get away that easy! Let's go Cynder!" the girl said, running to the rail and leaping over the edge, falling right into the water, her cyndaquil crying softly, but getting sent back into her pokeball just before the leap.

    "Miss Kirin! Get back here!" the crewman shouted, but the girl was already swimming after the starly, heading for the shore.

    Brian Jameson

    Sprinkles was growling and glaring right back at the cubone, his tail flicking angrily. Thyme huffed and flicked him on the nose, making the eevee take a step back and fall clumsily into a sitting position.

    "OI!" he shouted, growling at her now.

    "Calm down Sprinkles." Bri mumbled, getting to his feet.

    "Yes, shut up you little rat! I've had it with your attitude!" Thyme said in an annoyed voice. Oh god, not this again. Those two simply did not like each other! Bri reached down and picked them both up, causing them both to protest about this.

    "Hey! Hands off!" Sprinkles shouted.

    "Let me go Brian! Put me down!" the snivy said equally angrily.

    "Both of you calm down! You need to stop fighting-" Brian said, but was interupted by Bouncy bursting out of her pokeball.

    "WEE! Happy fun time!" she shouted, landing on the cubone's head and beginning to Sing. Sprinkles huffed and closed his eyes, soon beginning to snore, and Thyme... Was rying to pretend she wasn't about to do the same.

    "Thanks Bouncy." Bri said, returning Sprinkles and setting Thyme in his bag to rest. With that done, he smiled warmly at Ciel.

    "Sorry about that... Those two don't get along. Um... Uh... Do you know where exactly I am?" Brian said hopefully, the eleven year old reaching down and grabbing Bouncy before she wandered away... Again.

    Nova and others

    "EY! Get out of here you overgrown mutt!" the manectric shouted. Nova looked between him and the hyper dog that had appeared out of no where.

    "Who, me? Or this idiot?" he asked, growling at the houndoom. Where had he come from? And what was wrong with him? Was he touched in the head?

    "BOTH OF YOU! THIS IS MY TURF!" the electric type shouted, radiating sparks of electricity. Nove laughed openly at his posturing, looking over at Vulpix, who was beginning to stir.

    "Don't let mama hear you say that!" a shinx kitten giggled from the corner. Nova chuckled and shook his head. So that's what this was about huh? He couldn't fault anyone for protecting their family, even though Nova himself only wanted to fight a tough opponent.

    "I'm not going to bother with you. I smell a strong trainer." he said, walking over and picking up Vulpix and setting him on his back, sniffing at the human in the shadows, laughing softly. This, of course, caught the manectric off guard, who huffed and walked over to the kittens, ignoring his mate's trainer, grumbling to himself.
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