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    Shawn was dismayed that there was no battle happening, so he walked to the beach to relax and enjoy the scenery. That always seemed to relax him. With Zapper perched on his shoulder, he walked to the white sands, watching a new ship slowly come in. "So that's the ship that I was supposed to come in on..." he said as he shook his head.

    All of a sudden, Zapper flew up and out towards the water. "Zap, what is it?" he called out to his partner, straining his eyes to the horizon. Zapper, then Shawn too, saw splashing in the water. Zapper flew higher to peer down at a little girl in the water, swimmng after a Starly. Zapper, concerned, flew back to her trainer. Shawn finally saw the little shape heading this way. He waded a little into the water, ready to help her if she was in trouble.

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