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OMG guys, I forgot to tell you!

Two weeks ago, my store had its very first armed hold-up! I wasn't there, it was my sister working with another guy, but they came in just before closed and pushed the guy around at the counter, telling him to open the safe and taking all the money from the safe and the registers. All in all, he got about $1800.

My sister was pretty shaken up, as was the other guy. The jackass never produced a weapon, but the surveillance camera showed that he had a knife on him. We were the seventh in a spree of seven liquor stores he had robbed in the past few weeks.

Fortunately, the next night they got the guy and he's now back in prison where he belongs. Apparently, so the story goes, he has been in prison since he was 18 years old and he had recently gotten out on parole after 24 years in the slammer. So our theory was that prison life is all he knew and he was looking for a way back in, so started holding up liquor stores to get back there.

It was pretty freaky though. The next day the whole team had to have a counselling session, and we now have an open-to-close security guard and extra flood-lighting to keep the baddies away B]
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