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Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
How much the hack goes. I am not seeing any links. Someone help?
There's a link right at the top of the thread...

Originally Posted by KeldeoInTraining View Post
This hack should have been a nominee for hack of the quarter.
It could be better. But no matter what I do, this hack will never even make it out of Progressing Hacks, let alone get a nomination mostly because the mods hate me, which is annoying.

For instance, I won the Map of the Quarter contest (got 1st out of 3 bby aw yea!!1) and still haven't gotten an emblem over a month after the competition ended. Oh, and I know Gira saw his shoutouts, too. And he'll probably read this post. GIRA GIVE ME MY EMBLEM. THOSE PIXELS ARE MY LIFE. In all seriousness, I won and deserve what was promised, ****.
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