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have you ever gotten a new Pokémon game and chose a starter, then later got the other game that was released with that (for instance, you purchased Pokémon Black first, then purchased Pokémon white three months later) and you chose a different starter and you ended up liking that starter better??? and wished you would have chose that starter instead in the first game you purchased...

this happened to me with Pokémon Black/White, I got Pokémon Black first and chose Snivy... in four months, I got Pokémon White and chose Oshawatt and when Oshawatt eventually evolved into Samurott, I really liked Samurott!!! Samurott became my favorite Water Type Pokémon!!! I then was wishing I first chose Oshawatt in Black!!!

has anybody else had a situation like this???

this can apply to any Pokémon gen...
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