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    Tristen S, Raikou Dorm
    [Academy Grounds]

    Tristen waved it off, simply wishing to get out of the mass of people surrounding her. “It’s fine. I have some other stuff in my bag that I can eat.” She was about to walk abruptly away from the girl, when Gabriel began tapping her lightly on the back, keeping her in her place.

    She looked up suspiciously at the croagunk through the corner of her eye and lifted a brow. He was staring at the blonde girl and wasn’t blinking. He was sniffing every once in a while, but he still never moved. Curious, Tristen folded her arms and shifted her weight. She’d have to deal with the crowds for a little longer. “Anyways,” she cleared her throat, “I’m Tristen. What’s your name?” She kept her arms folded, not bothering to offer shaking hands. She didn’t so readily offer something as trivial as unnecessary physical contact.

    While waiting for her answer, she took in the appearance of the green-eyed girl, taking quick mental notes. She seemed like the intelligent type, confident in her cognitive abilities, as depicted through her posture and body language. She was thin, similarly to herself, but she had cropped her hair short. Probably for convenience; maintenance was probably not her first priority. That was further supported by her boyish clothing.

    I like her steely face. She noted to herself and smiled. At least she’s not a ditzy idiot. The mood I’m in, I’d probably slap one of those types in the face upon sight. She kicked herself internally to behave herself. At least I’m kind of sure I’d be able to hold myself back.
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