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XP Irrlicht

Version: 1.0


This is a port from Irrlicht to Rpg Maker XP, just like what DemonFire did except mine is open source (not the dll though)

Features As of Now:
3D models (.md2, .obj, ect.) Any models that Irrlicht can support by default
Model Textures (.png, .bmp, ect.) Any Texture that Irrlicht can support by default
Custom BG color (No explanation needed really)
Model Transformation (scaling,rotation,transformation)

For now the only help you get is that of which is exampled in the Scene_Irrlicht
I shall in the next release add camera viewing and 2D GUIs
Do not use unless you have some scripting knowledge, otherwise you'll get lost easily
Yes, I know a second screen pops-up (The one is the old game window and the other renders Irrlicht, I'll try to fix this so only 1 window pops up)



You can vouch that this is mine for 2 reasons 1 the build of mine is very much different than DemonFire's and secondly I added a dll function which the sole purpose is to return my username I use more commonly (Hansiec)


Hansiec/Ho-oh 112 (which either way is me) -- Creator of the DLL/Ruby Scripts
Irrlicht -- Creator of Irrlicht and the model (with the texture) used for the example
DemonFire -- Of course for giving me the idea for using Irrlicht with RMXP
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