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Nika Valentine

At least the girl didn't seem angry with her, which was better than she could have hoped for. Especially considering how confident she came across - Nika envied her that. She was rarely ruffled or shaken anymore, but when it came to social situations like these she knew how woeful she could often be. So her name was Tristen? Nika adjusted her flat cap, eyes drawn back to the unusual pokemon before she remembered the social etiquette. It was a relief that Tristen didn't want to shake hands, Nika hated people inviting themselves to her personal space, and didn't seem offended by the lack of gesture in the least.

"Oh, Nika. My name is Nika. I've never seen that species of pokemon before," she nodded to the Croagunk, "is it common for them to stare so intently or have I offended it?"

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