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    Nope and here's why by series:

    OS- The only series of Pokemon that I watched in Full and Enjoyed. Brings back so many memories and things. And I loved the fact that Japanese things were referenced more during this time period.

    AG- At first I didn't care for it due to the fact that Misty (the character that I got attached left) but now it's my second favorite series, except for season 9. I did love the the animation of AG and this version of Ash is one of my favorates.

    DP- I liked the series (especially dawn, still do) at first then when it start dragging to long i stopped (in 2009 after the snowport city episode). The upside is tho, that I did like the writing of the series.

    BW- Up until a few months ago, i didn't see it. Although I like Cilan and Iris (mostly because of thier Japanese VA's, who are my favorites) now, I did'nt really care for this series first. The first 22 episodes kinda bored me sadly. But now I do like series even tho the writing is'nt that sensational.