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    Alex yawned softly as he leaned against the railing of the boat as it was starting to dock into the academy island, blinking the sleep out of his eyes. He hadn't really slept very well during the boat ride, they always make him feel unwell.

    "Ugh... Tired, I really hope that I can get a good night's sleep tonight." He remarked to himself, holding Rhyha, his Rhyhorn's pokeball in his hand.

    "But I also hope that I can meet some new friends before the day is out... So much to do, I guess i can't bring you out of your pokeball just yet so..." Alex said with a slight grin forming on his face, taking a few steps back, picking his bag up and slinging it on his back, his grin widening.

    "Lets get moving then...!" And with that, he departed the boat swiftly, looking around with a bright smile.
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