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Welcome to PC's Electric Rodents Club!!!!!!

All PC rules apply
Respect everyone please.
Try to keep active!
There is absolutely NO flaming, spamming, trolling, etc

Join Form
Name (Username or Nickname) :
Partner Rodent :
Partner’s nickname :
Why do you like electric rodents? :
Answer to the topic :

The Rodents

Avishka (Club Owner)
Curtis Talli

Which is the cutest rodent in your opinion??
What do you like about your partner Pokemon???

Anybody can make a new topic!!

Sparks & Shocks Shop

ϟ are the "currency" of the club. You Get ϟ by doing the following :

Joining: 10 ϟ
Posting: 2 ϟ per post
Posting a new topic: 10 ϟ
Making a Userbar: 25 ϟ

Uses of ϟ are
50 ϟ -add another partner
100 ϟ – shiny version of only one of your partner Pokemon

Feel free to post Suggestions or comments here or VM/PM me~

Userbars & Banners]

by KirakonGxi
Feel free to make some~!