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Originally Posted by KeldeoInTraining View Post
on pokemon hackers online both dark rising and silver legend are already in their respective hack showcase on the website.
You're talking like that's something to be proud of :P.

I think people are overreacting about the hack choices. At the end of the day a hack, as well as all thing in life, being good or not is subjective. Just because you may not like the hack choices doesn't mean that someone else doesn't (in this case giradialkia and DrFuji). However, I do agree that if the community are going to be asked to vote on three hacks I think they should be somehow involved with the picking/nomination of the three hacks in question. I know it never worked like that in Hack of the Month but the community as a whole has moved on and I think it now deserves the opportunity to help nomination the hacks and be more involved. There are many things you can to get the community involved in a much fairer way than the present:
  • have a nomination thread out a week prior to the actual voting thread and have people nomination hacks similar to how Hack of the Year works and then take the top three hacks and have a poll voting thread
  • choose select, deserving, members of the community to be on a fair and unbiased selection committee and have them choose the three hacks
  • just have a straight out vote where people can vote for any hack in the community and have the hack with the most votes win
Those are probably the three best ways to go in my opinion. I prefer 1 or 2 but I'd definitely take any of them over the way it's run now.
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