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The Favorite Challenge

Before Starting...
I suggest going to Serebii's Pokedex so you can see a list of Pokemon for each type. You will need to make a list of your favorite 6 Pokemon from each type, even the types you don't like. Have it typed up or written down somewhere. You're not required to post this list, but if you really want to, please put it in spoiler tags. The reason for this is so people that have relatively weak favorites (like NFE Pokemon) don't get completely screwed by the person assigning their team. Likewise, it can help prevent you from getting stuck with a lot of legendaries, but there's a new rule for that we'll get into later.

Once you make your list, then you're good to sign up. The next person to sign up will choose 6 types (so teams of 6 are required for this challenge). Let's say they pick Rock, Bug, Fire, Dragon, Dark, and Ghost. You would have to use your 1st fave rock, 2nd fave bug, 3rd fave fire, etc. Get me? ;)

Original concept by Master Strife.

The Rules...
1. Cheating/hacking in certain Pokemon is allowed only if necessary (events or inability to trade). Pokemon that are in your regional dex may not be hacked/traded in unless they are only obtainable past the 3rd gym and you haven't traded/hacked in another Pokemon that's not in your regional dex.
2. Trading is allowed for all Pokemon, including for eggs, unless they can be caught in your game.
3. Please don't lie about your favorites in your list for those of you not posting it.
4. HM slaves are allowed.
5. Emulators are allowed.
6. Although this challenge is listed as B2W2, since BW are still in the same region and all 649 Pokemon are in both these games, you can play on any of those four. However, it's recommended to use B2W2 instead since there is more diversity with Pokemon.
7. New! After your team is assigned, if you end up with more than one legendary, you must choose which one to keep and the other must be discarded in favor of any other Pokemon from that type that's on your list.
8. A Pokemon can be listed as a favorite for more than one type. (ex. Whiscash can be a favorite Water and Ground). However, this runs the risk of using two of the same Pokemon, so be careful when making your list.
9. If you end up with a Pokemon that's not fully evolved, you must keep it that way. That NFE Pokemon is what's in your favorites, not the evolution (in some cases).
10. Challenge ends after defeating Iris/Alder.

If you have any questions, please VM me. If you post in here, there's no guarantee I will see it immediately!

The Alternate Challenge...
If you do not have the ability to obtain Pokemon not within your game (or would prefer this method entirely), list only 1 Pokemon per type (must be available in your game of course). With this method, you run a higher risk of using two of the same Pokemon, so be wary. When your types are assigned, you'll just go with the first and only thing you have listed for that type.

The Forme Factor...
Some Pokemon change type upon form, and others don't. When making your list, please do not list specific forms. If you meet a certain criteria, you will be allowed to change forms.

List of form changes and rules for those:
Deoxys is allowed to change forms because they're all Psychic.
Burmy and Wormadam may only be listed as a Bug type and can be whichever form you choose.
Rotom may only change forms if he is your assigned Electric type. If he's your Ghost type, you cannot change form, as changing Rotom's form in Gen V loses the Ghost typing.
Giratina is allowed to change forms because he remains Dragon and Ghost.
Shaymin is allowed to change form because both forms are Grass.
Meloetta is allowed to change forms no matter how it's assigned, since it only changes form for in-battle.
Keldeo may change forms.
Kyurem may change forms.
Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus may change forms.
Arceus must remain Normal type.
All other forms not listed are allowed to change, since they are minor and/or only in-battle form changes. (Castform, Cherrim, Basculin, Shellos/Gastrodon, Unown, Deerling/Sawsbuck)

Sign-up Format...
User: Sydian
Game: Black 2 (Japanese)
Here you can post your list. I'm not going to, but this was just an example. Posting your list is optional though, remember!

Rewy - Black
GreatTornado - Black 2
Sydian - Black 2 (Jap)
Fenneking - Black 2
NecrumWarrior - Black 2
jdthebud - Blaze Black 2


Please VM/PM me with the link to your final update when you finish! Cause I suck at keeping up with all of you. :D

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