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    Shawn quickly turned around from hearing his name and saw Kiki and another new arrival, some boy with glasses, behind him. Did she really seek him out? He nodded to her, "If you want to...I'm just looking for something to do, really." He turned to the boy she let go of and smiled, "Hi there. I'm Shawn. What's your name?" Did he unknowingly make himself the welcome wagon? Either way, her smile seemed catching, causing him to smile more.

    Zapper, upon seeing Kiki, smiled as she almost seemed to glow with happiness. She glided around both Kiki and the boy, showing she was friendly towards them both, before returning to Shawn's shoulder. It was then that Shawn noticed her Cyndaquil, and that it seemed tired. "Kiki, is Cynder ok? It seems tired," he asked, noticing the small puff of smoke it exhaled.

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