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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    you're not interpreting my statement correctly: i grant that some realism is a crucial element in fiction in certain dosages-- since i don't want everything to be alice in wonderland or finnegans freaking wake-- but what i was speaking out against was the kind of finickyness that has people going all "GOSH giga drill breaker is such a dumb move because angular momentum isn't conserved AT ALL" or whatever. in this context i meant that if you want fiction to mirror reality totally, then there's no point in fiction. i did mention the willing suspension of disbelief, right?

    but anyways, for the sake of staying on topic and circumventing one more wall of text--
    lizbeth and silica are such great characters and i find it mighty sad that they only appear like one (point one five) episodes each. and then agil and good ol' klein are forgotten also

    :(( <-- me sad

    for anyone seeing big gaping inconsistencies in plot, i recommend the novels since anime adaptations usually compromise details for time limitations.
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