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Alright, so that gives me...

This isn't too terrible, though I'm not thrilled about Muk, as I'm using one in Black 2 at the moment, so it feels a bit redundant, but that's alright. I put him in the first slot for a reason, cause he's awesome. Although that's a dark looking color scheme I've got going on, haha. I had Jumpluff during the first thread of this challenge though when it was for HGSS and UGH it was a pain. Let's hope gen V has improved it, yeah?

Shammy, you get Normal, Fighting, Bug, Water, Ghost, and Ground. Enjoy. :)

Oh, and just to clarify, anyone can assign types. It doesn't matter what order you post or if you've given types to someone already. As long as you're participating in the challenge and someone needs types, you are free to assign them.

Edit: Would anyone be opposed to me RNGing my Hoppip? I only want it to be shiny, so I won't be going for flawless IVs or anything crazy. I just need something bright and pink (shiny Jumpluff is super pink) but if anyone has a problem with that, then I'll just go with a non-shiny.

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