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Originally Posted by J View Post
you're not interpreting my statement correctly: i grant that some realism is a crucial element in fiction in certain dosages-- since i don't want everything to be alice in wonderland or finnegans freaking wake-- but what i was speaking out against was the kind of finickyness that has people going all "GOSH giga drill breaker is such a dumb move because angular momentum isn't conserved AT ALL" or whatever. in this context i meant that if you want fiction to mirror reality totally, then there's no point in fiction. i did mention the willing suspension of disbelief, right?
Ah, in that case I completely agree with you. I did misunderstand what you were saying, sorry about that. -_-'

Also, for those of you who are interested, I've uploaded what seems to be the only remaining Japanese Crossing Field video (the theme to SAO) to Youtube. I've added the terms of use and it's unlisted (and on an unrelated note, it's in HD), so it should stay up there for a while. Enjoy.

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