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    Coniuro was walking through the alleys of the academy, his conjuration not far behind, wallowing within the depths of his mind as his insanity tore at him, causing hundreds of voices to erupt throughout his mind, each with its own negative opinions or comments. As it steadily began to grow worse, he felt as if he were about to have one of his sudden break-downs with a body dropped like a stone from the sky, a skateboard launching off into the distance. The body made contact with his and he was slammed into the ground, back-first, snapping out of his trance-like sorrow. As the girl moved to get off of him and apologize, he simply stared up at her, a blank expression on his face. Seeing the assault on its master, his conjuration quickly dashed forward and leaped at the female, moving to place her in a full-nelson-like headlock. If successful in doing so, it'd hold her there, perfectly prepared to snap her neck, only awaiting the command.
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