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    That was great. I liked your description of N, and of Ghetsis's eye. I always thought he was totally blind in that eye, but that's a much cooler idea.

    I like Jared more than Lauren, he's just more...relatable. Also, I play Black and B2 so his universe is the one I'm used to.

    “I could go on. The Raichu storm in Malaysia. The uprising of the Ghosts in Dresden. The Decoyote attacks in Texas. This is nothing new, people. Every year – every month – some new tragedy occurs. The losses on both sides, human and Pokémon, are incalculable.
    What the heck is a Decoyote? That sounds like an epic new Pokemon. :D

    Anxiously awaiting the next chapter~

    (Also, rereading some of my old comments on this made me LOL my face off xD To think I thought Kcalb would be involved in I was stupid.)
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