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Originally Posted by Brendino View Post
When they settled, I would have to assume that it was indeed in Castelia, seeing as the only other places that would have made sense are Nuvema and Aspertia (which doesn't show up in the first games), and they aren't nearly big enough to have been past settlements in my opinion.

And whether or not it was settlers or indigenous people living there, I'm pretty sure the items found in the Abyssal Ruins say they were created around 3,000 years ago, which means that people have been living in Unova for at least a few centuries, I would think. And I think that the Relic Castle is also another good point that shows that Unova has been around for well over 200 years.
Well Undella's also another place they could've settled, given how you mentioned Abyssal Ruins are right there and it might've been a stable location to settle in - food to eat nearby from fishing, sun, etc.

As for the items, maybe they were natural and not necessarily human owned? I mean they could've been from a past... settlement, even before being officially discovered.

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