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    Ignus, Prince of Light. Golden Catacombs.

    The party continued into another room, this time a large library. Ignus took in the sights from the entrance, not proceeding into the room yet. Scrolls lined the walls on all sides, reaching towards the ceiling. Most of the others where staring mouth agate at the years of knowledge displayed before them. Another, unknown pokemon joined them.

    "Welcome." He said softly to them, greeting them with a bow, "I've been expecting you."

    Creepy as hell...

    Several others jumped to defenses rather quickly. Ignus just kept his distance and watched the scene unfold.

    Everyone, keep your eyes sharp. He wears a emblem, but that doesn't mean he is a brother. He could be someone in disguise.

    Penance. Out loud he said, "What is your affiliation and why are you here?" He asked sternly as he readied two Water Pulses. "So much as move and I won't hesitate to take you down."

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