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Iora Oriole
The wolf’s unusual, yet melodic howl soothed the rage and pent up confusion that had occupied Iora’s being. The wolf...Zelda, Iora recalled her name offhand, had just laid out so much information in one bite, that it was incredibly hard to process all at once. Vaati, Zelda, different dimensions... It was as if her one question had been replaced with twenty more. All Iora knew, was that she no longer felt fear towards those around her, she felt rejuvenated as if some of her own innate power had been restored.

What was this “triforce” power that Zelda referred to? It was inside her? This seemed like only the stuff of legends, surely they had the wrong idea. Iora was a nobody in a town of much stronger and valiant people. How could she possibly have something another wanted, let alone wanted enough to steal?

She turned to face the now named wolf, its appearance had changed as well. To Iora, Zelda seemed be weakened, almost drained as she had halfway collapsed on the counter in the building. Iora wondered how much she herself had been through to get to this point. Taking on an alias, saving them and running for who knows how far. Iora looked to the wolfos with fresh eyes, before fear and worry had dominated her attitude toward her, but now, with her tired state, she felt almost...pity.

Everything still didn’t make a whole lot of sense, why was this power within her? Why was it so coveted? All this combined with the captured royalty, it was like a puzzle that she didn’t have the slightest clue on how to solve.

“Zel- ah I mean...Rei,” She corrected herself mid-speech. “This is a lot to process. I mean, we don’t even know one another. How are we supposed to do all this when we were quite literally dumped here into a world we don’t know?"
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