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    Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
    I thought I'd bring this thread back from the depths and discuss a project of mine that I've decided to rekindle. Since early 2010 I've had a folder on my laptop dutifully named 'Pokémon Orange: Adventures in the Orange Islands' (a mouthful, I know). I'm sure you can all guess what is inside the folder; either way the answer is a barely edited BPRE ROM with a .docx file scattered with ideas for the hack. I always felt aggrieved that we were never given an official Pokémon game in the Orange Islands, I do give props to sergio for his valiant efforts creating Naranja though. However, Naranja really isn't my idea of an 'official Pokémon game' as it's based on the events that happen in the anime. In my eyes the anime is based upon events that happen in the 'official Pokémon games' (with the obvious exception of Pokémon Yellow). So, it's been one of my long-term, and now realistic, ambitions to create an un-official Pokémon game for the Orange Islands. I hope you're all still following what my idea is at this point in time, I'm glad if you are but if you're not here are some bullet points to sum up what I wish to do/create:
    • do what GameFreak should have done prior to the Orange Islands anime and create an official game for it
    • use the original 251 Pokémon that were available at time of release
    • transfer any relevant events from the anime (gym leaders, Pokémon league etc.) into the game and scrap any ideas that would not make an official game (Ash's Lapras, the blimps, skill challenges in the gym etc.)
    If you're still following me now I'd like to hear some ideas on the project in this thread and if you're willing to help me feel free to PM me or post in here as this will be an ambitious project.

    (This game will be created on the BPRE system with mostly default tiles and scripting/mapping styles realistic of the 1st and 2nd generation games as I believe this is what GameFreak would have done if the game was officially created)
    Okay, I think I just found the perfect excuse to come back to Pokerom hacking. Your idea and desire for such a game is indeed justified, and I support the cause. Although details about the Orange Islands arc are a bit blur in my memory, I really liked it all and will delve into it thoroughly, then PM you anything I might come up with.

    The game length problem can be solved, I guess. One sidequest here, one urban disturbance there, and four gyms can still get to be canon, if the player covers them in twice the distance of the usual game. What I'm actually curious about is the main character; is it going to be a completely new pair of kids, or someone familiar? (though sticking to the Gamefreak quo crosses out the latter option)

    Anyway, my point is I've been away from hacking for some time, and after my own hack took a slope down the drain multiple times I needed some new kind of motivation. Well, hello there, new kind.
    This is my December . . .