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Delilah Harris

Harris quietly eyed the Wolfos as she ignored everyone's protests and instead pressed her head against the other Hylian's forehead. She then walked over to the other three and explained that she was Princess Zelda and in hiding. Wait... this was Princess Zelda? Then, who was the person in front of Harris who had been captured by Vaati? She must have been affected by the pain even worse than she thought if she had mistaken the identity of that captive. Harris couldn't believe what this lupine was saying, however. She wasn't special at all and all she did back in Hyrule was get in folks' way and wander off from home. Why should any goddesses grant her power? Not that she wasn't grateful. She was.

Zelda then howled once more and startled Harris for a split second before a strong feeling of peace overcame her. The sound of that voice was amazingly soothing. Then, the group all regained the Triforce power that had been taken away from them. Harris instantly felt stronger and more energetic, but the fact that those feelings were taken and returned just like that angered her. Why should anyone have power over her so easily? That's not how it was supposed to be. Harris owned her power, no one else did. Yet, they could take it away the same way you'd snatch a lollipop out of a baby's weak little hand. You could either devour the candy right before the crying baby or you could hand it back if you so choose. I can't let this happen again. These goddesses are pretty damn unfair.

Harris looked at "Rei" in the eyes and watched as the wolf collapsed down in exhaustion. Apparently she was intending to rescue someone as well and she was willing to help the clueless ones. "Zel- ah I mean...Rei. This is a lot to process. I mean, we don’t even know one another. How are we supposed to do all this when we were quite literally dumped here into a world we don’t know?" the birdgirl asked. Harris could not hold back from making a snide remark. "We're going to die, aren't we?"
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